December 20, 2005

We call ourselves libertarians; Moonbat think we're antisocial bastards

Which is as much praise as you can get from the loon. In his current column he is railign against the anti-social nature of cars. I am not going to fisk it and pick up all of his factual errors, that would take to long. I just want to point out why people prefer private transport to public. It is better.

The usefulness of any network can be calculated as the square of the number of nodes. In a transportation system a node is where you get on or off.

For public transport nodes are few and far between. One per town in case of rail, one every few roads in the case of urban buses, or one for every village in rural areas (even if you only get one or two services a day). For private transport you can get on or off at practically every single house in the country, plus the car parks in every town or village, plus the small car parks scattered across the national parks and other countryside areas, plus the many many sidings where you can also park and get out. The number of nodes for private transport is vastly larger than that for public, so it's usefulness as the square of that is even bigger again.

The only way of making public transport more attactive than private is to make it more useful and more convient, which simply cannot happen until somebody builds a teleporter. But that would require more technology, and for moonbat technology is baaaaaaad.


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